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If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have thought we’re particularly quite at the moment…. Well it’s because Sabby’s pregnant & I’m working on the final stages of filming for our next online course. Flamenco Cante Explained   If you’re like me, Cante is such a challange!! […]

Flamenco Cante Explained: Our Latest Project

Hello friends, we are Giorgio and Angelo from Italy and we’d like to share with you the idea we developed during the last years.   Magnetically Suspended Soundboard Playing the guitar we realised how much sound an instrument yields depends on the freedom of the top to vibrate: The greater […]

Magnets: The Future of Guitar Building

An incredible mix between contemporary and traditional flamenco. David is one Sevillian star who is quickly emerging internationally. And by the looks of things, he could be in your country very soon…. David Perez Sevillian born Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco Dancer: David Pérez

Would you like to take classes with David Perez in the Flamenqueria?? Maybe we can sweeten the deal… Choose either discount on classes or Tablao entry… Conditions apply: Please contact the Flamenqueria to finalise your discount. While the Flamenqueria has promised to honour this promotion, there is a chance that […]

15% Discount with Flamenqueria

For one of the birth places of Flamenco, you would think you would see more flamenco on the streets. There are a few performers though and they have discovered a special little secret. Dancing on the streets of Seville

Street Performing In Sevilla

So I just happened to google search something this morning, and just before I pressed enter I got a treat!!

Flamenco Dancer on Google

So you’re a flamenco student and you want to get you feet wet… I mean who doesn’t want to play, dance or sing for people?? Well there is one place in Sevilla that offers a place for students and it’s in Triana.

Where can I perform in Seville?

Flamenco singer Manuel ‘Agujetas de Jerez’ passed away on christmas day 2015. A sad day for so many and the ending of a long legacy.

Manuel Agujetas has passed away

G’day Guys Thanks for helping us share Flamenco with the world. You guys are awesome.     Here we go!! We are about to create the largest database of flamenco knowledge the world has seen. Working with some of the best artists in Spain and people like yourself we are […]

Dear Blog Writers

Ok so I’m not saying it’s good. But it’s certainly… interesting. All you dancers out there will probably enjoy it a little more then me 🙂

Flamenco Mixed With Krump

This week’s post comes from guest blogger Cathy Miller, who is studying flamenco dancing in Sevilla Catch her on Twitter @rdpolibrarian One of the things I love about flamenco is that every dancer is different. There are common steps and sequences but it’s rare to see them performed in exactly […]

Discovering your style

The bottom dollar… When your planning your trip to Spain you know there’s more to pay for than just lessons. I’m going to give you a run down of monthly expenses.

Cost of studying Flamenco in Seville

Well it’s been a long time coming but I think it’s finally time to share of the amazing things we have learned. We’re no experts, and that’s why we have gathered a collection of some the best artists in Sevilla. They’re going to give us a hand later on… 🙂 […]

Our YouTube Channel has Begun…

So today a package came that I forgot ordering…. It happens less regularly then you might think 😛 But it was filled with awesomeness!! You’re gonna be asking me where I got it from 😉

What was in this box…?

A guitarist who needs little introduction… Truly one of the greats, and you can find his influence in modern flamenco everywhere. Modern players such as Paco de Lucía, Tomatito, Serranito, Juan Manuel Cañizares, El Viejín, Vicente Amigo, Gerardo Nuñez, Javier Conde and many more claim large influence from Sabicas’ music. […]

Flamenco Guitarist: Sabicas

Lets face it, we all have our good and bad days. Sometimes our bad days turn into weeks and then months… as we place our flamenco to the side so we have time for other things. But if your starting to notice this in your life, maybe it’s time to […]

5 steps to keeping your study on track

If your just starting out in flamenco you’re gonna want a guitar, but my guess is your probably don’t want to spend much… Read further for 4 guitars that might just be the ones you’re looking for.

4 Cheap Flamenco Guitars

Recognized as one of the great young voices of flamenco, Marina was part of the Young Circuit Flamenco de Andalucía, in the program “La Aventura del Flamenco.”

Flamenco Singer: Marina Heredia

As I am just about to start a new stage in my journey, One on one classes. I can’t help wondering if I would have been ready for this 1 year ago.

Am I Ready To Study Under A Master

This has been a big year for Australian jazz fusion artist Bart Stenhouse. Inspired by his recent travels across North America, Spain and India, Bart has spared no time in developing two new albums that fuse the musical styles of these cultures together in an exotic and unique mix. Bart […]

Flamenco Jazz Fusion – A Firey Mix

After almost a life long search for strong nails, suddenly success… The only thing is why?! I’m going to share the 3 things that I did which may be the keys to my nail success. A story about my Nails

My Recent Nail Success

Not all of us are lucky to have enough money to pay for our flamenco studies. If you’re hoping to work in Spain read on… Studying Flamenco; and working at the same time.

Can I study and work in Spain

Rarely does a self taught musician have such a deep understanding of theory as Pedro. He is an amazing player with a new, fresh sound.

Flamenco Guitarist: Pedro Sierra

Unique and highly expressive dancer, La Lupi is among the most exceptional dancers in Flamenco.

Flamenco Dancer: La Lupi

Flamenco is an oral tradition, and most start as a baby. But if you’re new to this art form, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Learning to Sing Flamenco

Guitar Building Pic 2
I would love to build my own, would you…? I know it wouldn’t be as good or have a great name behind it, but something about building your own guitar that sounds awesome. So where can we go to fulfill this dream.

2 Guitar Building Schools in Spain

There’s something new on the scene… www.pieflamenco.com is a home grown Spanish group aimed at pushing Flamenco into the new age. PieFlamenco.com

Website Challenging Purist Flamenco