6 Surviving the Spanish Summer Tips

Ok it’s hot…

But it’s not that hot.

Surviving the Spanish Summer


This overexposed photo really sums up the middle of the day here in Spain.

But it’s easy enough to get by if you follow some simple principles.

1. Hat & Sunglasses


The glare alone strips paint, literally.

Plus there are a whole heap of cool hats that just add to the “I’m chilling in Spain” look.

2. Seek Shelter During the Mid Day

Cafe del Valle

Here’s our local, Cafe del Valle.

There’s plenty of cafes around that will give you the protection you need. Air-conditioning is a must for most places in Andalusia. Cheap beers, tapas & coffee: should give you the entertainment to keep you there for a few hours, plus wifi!!

3. Air-conditioning in you Bedroom


Seriously get it!!

Most of the time you can get by, and I’m Australian, but when your going to bed nothing is worse then dripping sweat all night.

Or live on the bottom level, they are always cold…

4. Siesta


Plan your day around the Morning and the Evening.

The shops are closed for a reason, so leave your sightseeing for after 5pm. This tradition dates back, so don’t fight it, just go with it…


5. Drink Water


You might not think you sweat very much but boy do you lose water.

Top up your supply by drinking a lot of water. Beer and cafes will dehydrate you, so try and drink 1 glass of water for every dehydrating beverage…

Or don’t and suffer đŸ˜›



6. Shop Around for Summer Courses


Chances are if your reading this blog your here for some flamenco.

One of the best times for flamenco shows and workshops is summer.

So look around, your bound to find some great options.

Have you any extra tips?

Post them in the comments below, please.

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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