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A self taught wonder,

Rising from the flamenco world of Sevilla.

Manolo Marín




His first steps as a professional dancer take place in the company of Antonio, El Guajiro in Seville; but soon he moved to London, a grant from Marie Rambert, to perfect his technique. On his return he formed his own group, with which he conducted numerous world tours. He has a reputation as one of the most complete male dancers of the flamenco scene.

Besides his activity as a dancer, Manolo Marin has made numerous choreographies for the most important Flemish companies as well as for film and television.

Among his most outstanding creations are parts Suite Iberia by Albeniz and flamenco Hillock, for the Andalusian Dance Company (1996), Concerto Málaga, Moreno Torroba for the National Ballet, Carmen by Carlos Saura in Spoleto Festival (Italy) and another version of the same character for the City Dance Company of Seville. He has also collaborated with Cristina Hoyos, in shows like Arsa and Andalusian roads or take, and the movie Montoyas and Tarantos, and María Pagés in From the moon to the wind, La Tirana, etc.

Marin has also participated in major events such as Expo ’92 in Seville, for which he choreographed the show Azabache, or presentation and the closing of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992. He has worked with theater directors such as Carlos Gandolfo and the Centro Andaluz de Teatro La Andalusian queen; Miguel Narros, on I chose flamenco and Phaedra; and some TV shows like Finding Carmen, for Canal Sur, or Blood of the spring, for French television.

Except for some special collaborations, Manolo Marin is now retired from the stage. Now dedicated to teaching courses in different countries, as it did in late 2006 for the famous company Maurice Béjart in Switzerland, and continues his creative work choreographing and directing galas, as presented in 2006 at the Festival, with Merche Esmeralda and Rafael Campallo as the main protagonists.

Our reference Festival of Jerez



Montoyas y Tarantos (1989)

Lola, la película (2007)


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Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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  • Jantil

    I appreciate your cioendsred opinion Granadino. Certainly it isn’t traditional flamenco but a fusion the reason I chose it was the ease with which I could place film segments, and to give a general ambience for a non Spanish public. Even in the more traditional flamenco used in my earlier , I edited out some of the virtuoso and vocals. Much as I love flamenco (even having invested in shoes and taken lessons for a year), I just felt the need to tone it down for general world audience. But seeing there are some knowledgeable music fans also enjoying the blog, perhaps I’ll include a more traditional flamenco in my next Spanish tribute a Carlos Montoya perhaps. Suggestions are welcome..!