Flamenco Dancer: La Lupi

Unique and highly expressive dancer,

La Lupi is among the most exceptional dancers in Flamenco.

La Lupi

La Lupi Big



Susana Lupiañez Pinto, finished her dance studies with distinction at the Conservatory of Malaga. She alternated her studies with flamenco shows performances. It was in these performances that the guitarist Juan Maya Marote saw her dancing and took her to Madrid where she worked for three years in his Flamenco Dance Company and with contemporary Angeles Arranz, touring Spain.


Currently she is the Director and Choreographer of a flamenco group, acting in theaters worldwide and international festivals like Toronto, Dusseldorf, Albuquerque, Mont de Marsan, Chicago, Monterrey, Suma Flamenca in Madrid, CIMA Festival in Monte Argentario etc. .

Her latest show “Letters to Pastora” is a tribute to the great dancer Pastora Imperio which received wonderful reviews from the public and the press.

“La Lupi” temperamental dance, very flamenco, she lashes the air in new ways.



  • Free dance first prize of the National Contest of Flamenco Peña Pearl (Cadiz) by Seguiriyas. 25/08/07
  • Second prize for Alegrias Flamenco National Contest of La Perla de Cadiz 25/08/07


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