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Danny is such a technical player and his ability may rival even Paco de Lucia.

Big words I know…

Nino de Pura

Nino de Pura



A pupil of Sevillian maestros such as Manuel Lozano and Manolo Carmona, Daniel Navarro Cruz, better known as Niño de Pura, started playing guitar professionally accompanying his brother, bailaor Jose Joaquin. His most influential teacher was Manolo Sanlúcar, considered one of his mentors.

He was born in Seville in 1966. From a very early age, Nino de Pura began to enter contests, and ended up becoming one of the most prize-winning guitarists in Spain. Foremost among his prizes are First prize of the Flamencology Professorship of Jerez, First prize of the Flamenco Guitar Young Performers Contest at Seville’s 3rd Bienal of Flamenco Art, the Bordon Minero of La Union’s Las Minas Festival, the Zipa de Oro 1985 prize from the Colombian press, and the Giraldillo del Toque of Seville’s 6th Bienal of Flamenco Art.

In the mid-1980s, Niño joined the international circuit, with his first concert tour around South America. At the same time he accompanied top-rate cantaores and bailaores, both in concert and in recording studios. From the late eighties to the early nineties, he recorded on all the Spanish television stations and toured Japan with the show Estrellas de la Bienal (Stars of the Bienal.)

Niño de Pura continues to internationalize his art, gracing stages such as London’s Royal Albert Hall and festivals in France, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, and Spain . He has appeared with many great guitarists, including Costas Cotsiolis, Adam Holzman, Pavel Steidl, Ralph Towner, Hopkinson Smith, Silvina Lopez,  Alex Garrobe, Yamandu Costa, Roberto Limon, Martin Madrigal, Roberto Aussel, and Aldo Lagrutta.



  • Capricho de bohemia (1986)
  • Caliente (1991)
  • Maquida (1996)
  • Pozo y Caudal (Senador, 2002)
  • Niño De Pura (2006)
Reference taken from World Music Central




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He definitely is an incredible player but does he stand up to Paco de Lucia?

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