Flamenco Dancer: Patricia Guerrero

Such talent for a such a young dancer.

Patricia will soon be seen on stages all across the world.

Patricia Guerrero

patricia guerrero


The single most astounding female dancer of this new, young generation is Patricia Guerrero.

Her dancing style can be described as gracious and elegant, with in addition a clear love for life and a remarkable emotionality.
Truly special is the fact that someone so young already managed to develop a very own personal dancing style. An original style which combines many totally different influences. Patricia Guerrero is a remarkable young personality and above all a very talented flamenco dancer who faces a grand future without any doubt.

Patricia Guerrero stems from a true flamenco family from the Albayzin quarter, where her mother at present still teaches flamenco dance. She took several completion courses with Manolete, Juana Amaya and Eva “La Yerbabuena”, among others. Furthermore she also trained at the renowned “Centro de Estudios Escenicas” of Mario Maya.
She gave her very first performance at the age of eight at the popular “Peña de la Plateria” in the very same Albayzin.



Awards & Shows

She won a first important trophy in Ubrique, where she became a laureate at the local “Concurso de Baile Flamenco”. But it was last year that she won the most important trophy so far: “Premio El Desplante” at the international flamenco festival of La Union.

Since then, she has taken her place at the most important flamenco festivals in Span. This year, she could be seen at the “Festival Caja Madrid” and at the top-event “Festival de Jerez”. At both occasions she performed with her own company.

Patricia Guerrero is now coming up north for a first full tour abroad. It is the perfect occasion to see one of Spain’s most promising female flamenco dancers at work.

Reference from La Barraca



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