Flamenco Guitarist: Manolo Sanlúcar

One of the greatest influences for flamenco in modern times.

His name sits along all the greats such as Tomatito & Paco de Lucia.

Manolo Sanlúcar



Manolo Sanlúcar, guitarist and composer, was born in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), a town by the seashore, where the Guadalquivir River ‘says farewell’ to Andalusia.

Initiated by his father “el tocador” (the guitar player) Isidro Muñoz, Manolo learned to passionately love the guitar. Very quickly, he assimilated its art and perfected it to the extent of becoming one of the best performers of the present time. At the age of 12, he made his debut as a professional, and at the age of 18, putting aside the fashionable flamenco, he began to investigate and shape his unique conception and interpretation of flamenco music, gradually reinforcing himself, not only as a privileged instrumentalist, but also as a composer. A musician from the sensitive and lively people, faithful to the cultural heritage and to the precise call of the contemporary.


“Trebujena”, guitar and orchestra concert in RE MAJOR, opens a new door to flamenco in the path of classical music and sets up a full composite revelation, starting from the flamenco roots.

His “Medea”, composed for the Spanish National Ballet, has been all over the world gathering success, as his work and life deserves: steps, hands, tempting beauty.

“Tauromagia”, is a musical journey that the author undertakes through the world of bullfighting.

“Solea”, here, MANOLO SANLÚCAR pierces deeply the Andalusian soul by the hand of two women from the people.

He is also the Musical Director of the film “Sevillanas” by Carlos Saura.

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  • 1968: Recital Flamenco
  • 1970: Inspiraciones
  • 1971: Mundo Y Formas De La Guitarra Flamenca Vol. I
  • 1971: Mundo Y Formas De La Guitarra Flamenca Vol. II
  • 1972: Mundo Y Formas De La Guitarra Flamenca Vol. III
  • 1975: Sanlúcar
  • 1976: Sentimiento
  • 1977: Fantasía Para Guitarra Y Orquesta
  • 1978: …Y Regresarte (Homenaje A Miguel Hernandez)
  • 1979: Manolo Sanúcar En Japón
  • 1980: Candela
  • 1981: Azahares
  • 1982: Al Viento
  • 1982: Ven Y Sigueme
  • 1984: Trebujena
  • 1985: Testamento Andaluz
  • 1987: Medea
  • 1988: Tauromagia
  • 1989: Solea
  • 1992: Aljibe
  • 2000: Locura De Brisa Y Trino
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