How Much Practice Is Enough 2

Everyone thinks they don’t do enough.

But maybe you actually do more then you need…

How much Flamenco Practice is Enough.

Practicing in front of a mirror

I always feel I don’t do enough practice.

I get so caught up in getting to the end result that I forget how far I’ve come.

Most people I know feel the same. So if we all worry about practice how much do you really need?

I mean some guys were doing 6 extra hours on top of school time, wow!!

Let’s Ask Some Experts




Danny often said that we practice too much (when I was at Cristina Heeren.)

“You shouldn’t need more than 2 hours a day.”

Any more then this we could run the risk of hurting ourselves.



Tamara Lucio

Tamara Lucio



Tamara confessed that she doesn’t practice at all, having got to a level where she improvises everything.

She thinks if you are taking regular classes everyday than 1-2 hours extra is more than enough.



Paco de Lucia once said

“I don’t practice… I just play.”

Summing Up

The trouble is that there is so much to learn.

And when the learning curve is really steep you feel like you can’t practice enough.

Guitar Practice

I think around 2 hours every day dedicated to practice is a good bet.

Anything extra is a bonus and you won’t feel guilty.

Do you have some tips for practice?

Is 2 hours really enough for you?

Share in our comments below…


About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Practice Is Enough

  • Alain

    some great thoughts there
    The improvise – play approach takes a lot of years to channel the technical facilty to be able to execute effortlessly
    Wether cante – toque – baile
    This would however be the optimal way of ‘Practice’

    i don’t know how much is too much
    Focal dystonia is a real thing among guitarists
    Along with possible foot and shoulder injury for the dancer
    Any type of practice which becomes agitated, stressed, forced is a good time to do something else for awhile
    It will only cause injury

    Guess we all know these things
    Some days 2 hours is plenty
    Other days require 10 or so hours

    Thanks for your blog