My Recent Nail Success 1

After almost a life long search for strong nails, suddenly success…

The only thing is why?!

I’m going to share the 3 things that I did which may be the keys to my nail success.

A story about my Nails

Clipping finger Nails

My nails have nearly always been paper thin 🙁

But recently they have mysteriously gotten much stronger… success!!

They have had a tough life but things are looking up for them now days.

 Cristina Heeren Destroys Nails


After 9 months playing guitar 6 hours a day, (plus practice,) my nails were wrecked.

The treatment I was applying was really just to stop my nail exploding off my finger tips. The edges were soft, but the center was so thin.

And I’m sure you’ve expressed this at some stage too.

So what to do??

A Holiday for my Nails

Relaxing Finger

After the school term I took a break from Flamenco.

My nails had time to rest and regrow, (which probably only half made up for the serious beating they took.)

The Secret Nail Hardener

I also started using this special nail hardener that I bought from a seedy guy down a back alley in a trench coat…


I’ve used a lot of nail hardeners in the past but this one seems to be making a big difference.

My Nail Hardener

Here’s a pic but I still can’t work out where to get it from or even who the supplier is.

My Diet Change

So I’m a part time vegan… and this is only a recent switch.

Vegan Finger

Which means I still eat meat but not very often. I also steer clear of alcohol & coffee when I can, plus I don’t smoke.

Maybe this helps. I read an article about the effects of all these acidic foods & drinks and another about sugars, all of which lead me to think being vegan is a bit more healthy for nail growth.

 Is that all it takes?

My recent success might be due to one thing more than the other but the proof is growing strong on my finger tips.


Maybe for you it only takes one method to get your nails strong or maybe you don’t need anything at all.

One this is certain.

Strong Nails means Strong Guitar Playing!!


Have you experienced a change in your nails?

What do you think about diet change effecting your nails?

Share your experiences, success or failures below in the comments.


About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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One thought on “My Recent Nail Success

  • Thomas Whiteley

    My first suggestion concerning how to take care of your fingernails starts with the basics!

    First, you should choose the right parents. I think that accounts for the strength of my nails, after 63 years of playing. 🙂

    Second, watch what strings you use. I was using Extra Hard Tension for a time for dancers, and it really is hard on your nails. I wanted the loudest volume possible, but I went back to medium tension and that helped my nails dramatically.

    Third, always use an Emory board to file the nails. Never chew the nails, or use clippers or scissors.

    Fourth, for some people, building up a bead of clear nail polish over the top area near the tip of the nail helps. Do not cover the entire nail.

    Fifth, do some research on diet and what helps promote nail strength.