4 Cheap Flamenco Guitars

If your just starting out in flamenco you’re gonna want a guitar,

but my guess is your probably don’t want to spend much…

Read further for 4 guitars that might just be the ones you’re looking for.

Flamenco guitar

4 Cheap Flamenco Guitars

Chances are when you started to drive you bought a cheap car not a BMW…

The same can be said when you begin in flamenco. Sure the better guitars have better sound and playability, but they can be well outside your budget.

Here’s my pick of guitars to search for when looking for your first cheap Flamenco guitar.

Cordoba F7

Cordoba F7


From Guitar Center

The Cordoba F7 is the only guitar out of this group I have played. It was a great guitar and I often got comments about the playability of it for such a cheap guitar.

Great value for Money


Manuel Rodriguez c3f



From Musicians Friend

Rodriguez guitars seem to be one of the few focused more on flamenco, so it merits a mention. Though a young player in the world of factory guitars the Rodriguez family has a respectable history in building guitars.


Yamaha CG172SF

Yamaha CG172SF


from Guitar Center

Yamaha have been making great guitars for years. I still own an old factory made one my father use to play when he was a boy and it is going strong. If anything you know these guys do quality control good.


Alhambra 3F



From Guitars From Spain

Alhambra made a name for themselves selling cheap guitars internationally with the stamp “made in Spain.” Given their success as a business their products must hold their own.



Fine Tuning your Cheap’ie

Chances are that you’re gonna need to do some adjusting to your guitar to make it more comfortable to play…

The following things can make a big different in playability:

  • String Tension
  • Nut & Bridge height
  • Fret Height


Stay tuned because we are going to be covering this in a later topic.

Winky Face

Do you have another cheap guitar to recommend?

Maybe you own one of the previous guitars and can share your thoughts…

Bang em in the comments below!!


About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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