Flamenco Singer: Marina Heredia

Recognized as one of the great young voices of flamenco,

Marina was part of the Young Circuit Flamenco de Andalucía, in the program “La Aventura del Flamenco.”

Marina Heredia

marina heredia



Marina Heredia Ríos was born in Granada on April 10, 1980. Daughter of singer Jaime “The Parrón.”

“I was embarrassed to sing in public,” commented Marina but the shame soon disappeared because at age 12 she debuted as a singer in 1992, in the opening show of the Palacio de Congresos de Granada commissioned by her father.

Marina Heredia and showed her unique versatility in the world of flamenco, with the ability to work with leading artists and the most varied styles. The April 19, 1999, Marina premiered in Munich Biennale (after 20 more concerts in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Spain.)

16 years later Marina has played a massive role in traditional and modern flamenco. She can be seen featured in many documentaries and shows all over the world.






  • Me duele, me duele (2001)
  • La voz del agua (2007)
  • Marina (2010)
  • A mi tempo (2013)



  • Young Andalusia Prize for the Arts (2004)
  • Internet best flamenco album “Deflamenco.com” La voz del agua (2007)
  • XIV Trofeo Peña el Taranto (2008)
  • Ideal Award (2008)
  • Best Album Cante Flamenco 2010 for her album Marina, awarded by the National Flamenco Critics (2011)
  • Best Music Show 2012, My Tempo, Critics Award for “The Cultural” El Mundo (2013)
  • Best Album Cante Flamenco 2013 for her album My tempo, awarded by the National Flamenco Critics (2014)
References from Wikipedia & Marina’s Official Website.


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