Flamenco Singer: Rocío Márquez

Here is a fresh flamenco singer,

Newly graduated and currently promoting her study of El Niño de Marchena.

Rocío Márquez



It must be strange to see that blonde girl with very clear eyes in flamenco clubs accompanied by her Spanish parents. Born 1985 in Huelva, she has been singing since she was 9 years old.

She has had a very notable career singing in Peñas throughout Spain and traveling to France in 2010 for the festival Les Suds in Arles.

She has managed to win a number awards for her involvement in Flamenco and her singing ability. The most notable being the first four prizes of the Mining Lamp Festival del Cante de las Minas Union in 2008.

The Child


Rocío Márquez has just published The Child (Universal), a work about Pepe Marchena, El Niño de Marchena, which is a tribute to the flamenco legend and his legacy transmission.

Rocío Márquez Sitting

The Child is part of the investigation of the training Gloria Muñoz, professor of lyrical song, gave Pepe Marchena which helped him to overcome nodules when he was 11 years-versa. This was used as the final thesis for Rocio’s musical studies.



  • 2009 Aquí y Ahora (DVD)
  • 2012: Claridad (CD)
  • 2014: El niño
Reference from Wikipedea & El Pais



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