Guitar Making: Building a Rosette

Master builder and teacher Pablo Requena tells us what he thinks is one of the most difficult part of the guitar to build.

Building a Rosette


Pablo Requena
Making the rosette is one of the most time consuming jobs in the guitar making process, but can also be the most rewarding. Many people wonder what a rosette is for and tend to think it is just ornamental.

The Importance of the Rosette

Without it the soundboard would be too weak in the sound hole area and cracks would appear very easily.
To prevent that from happening the rosette is inlaid binding the grain together at that weak point.

The rosette is in fact a re-enforcement for the sound hole.

In the past the rosette would have been made very simply using a series of concentric circles which would bond together the grain around the sound hole.
Guitar makers have come a long ways since that basic structure and over the years have used the rosette as a way of embellishing and enhancing the guitar with an ornamental element that stamps their own brand on their instrument. This aspect allows the maker to produce something that uniquely expresses themselves.

Some Examples Of Pablo’s Own Rosettes:

Building the Rosette

There are several techniques and methods to create a rosette, one of the most common systems is to make tiles out of thin veneers of different colours.
Rosette Building
It’s quite a complicated process, in the link below you can see a couple of videos where Pablo explains the basic steps.

Making the Rosette Part 1

Making the Rosette Part 2

Pablo’s Guitar Building Courses

If you would like to make your own guitar and learn this amazing art please find more information about Pablo’s guitar making courses here.
Pablo's Guitar Building Course

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