Flamenco Dancer: Marina Tamayo 1

A great Australian Talent,

Marina has been one of the main presence in Australia for over 30 years.

Marina Tamayo

Marina Tamayo

Marina has performed in Theatre, Commercial and Independent Television, Short Film and at Festivals as a featured soloist throughout her career and has worked on artistic cutting edge and independent projects with international artists.



Spanning thirty four years Marina has taught and performed Spanish Classical and Flamenco in Spain, Asia Pacific, South America and Australia. Her family migrated to Adelaide in the early 60’s, and was lucky enough to be born into a strong Spanish community in Australia. It is no wonder she began dancing.

Marina returned to her roots to study with Paco Torres in Granada in 1983. She continued practicing and dancing professionally in Tablaos all across the world including Spain, Argentina and Australia.

Marina Tamayo

Marina has been heavily involved with the flamenco scene in Australia and teaches in her own school Flamenco Australia since 2007.




  • Commonwealth Dance champion for Flamenco Performance at The Royal Ballet Dance Society Open Dance Festival (1984)
  • Produced “The Sounds of Spain” at Adelaide Fringe Festival (2012)
  • Recorded her first CD – Self titled “Flamenco del Mar” (2013)
  • Merit of Recognition for contribution to the Hispanic Arts in Australia (2014)



Marina Live in Action

  • 1990 – 1997  As a regular artist at the Spanish Festivals in South Australia, Fringe Festivals, Gypsy Romani Festivals and the Eurofest Adelaide festivals
  • 1998 – Prinicpal Flamenco instructor at the Sydney Dance Company studios teaching flamenco
  • 1998 – Opened the Bellingen Flamenco Festival
  • 2009, – 2011 Manly Food and Wine Festival
  • 2010 Sydney Food and Wine Festival
  • 2010 Narrabeen Lakes Festival
  • 2011 – 2015 Curator, producer and dancer for the Hobart, Tasmania Flamenco Festival 2011 – 2015
  • 2012 Bondi Festival of the winds
  • 2014 Maitland Cultural Festival



Her School Flamenco Australia


Flamenco Australia boasts weekly classes that span from New South Wales (Northern Beaches, Sydney), New Zealand to Hobart.  Marina Tamayo teaches regularly, promoting her family Andalusian culture and celebrating artistic expression. Age is no barrier.

Marina encourages children as young as four and adults in their 80’s to participate. The approach is open learning, warm and friendly, covering folkloric, classical and Flamenco styles.

Marina’s students gain professional dance experience through performances and offered work with her touring company. Many have been or are in the industry as working practitioners or in dance companies across the world. 



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