5 steps to keeping your study on track

Lets face it, we all have our good and bad days.

Sometimes our bad days turn into weeks and then months… as we place our flamenco to the side so we have time for other things.

But if your starting to notice this in your life, maybe it’s time to take action.

I’m going to outline my 5 step plan to get you back on track.


(it worked for me, so give it a try)

flamenco is life

5 step plan to keeping your Flamenco study on track



1. Develop a routine

Humans to dogs, we all crave routine in our lives. Nothing makes you feel at home like regular Sunday brunch and Nana’s for tea on Wednesday.

Tea at Nana's

We need to use this to our advantage. Resist the urge to change your lesson times or skip classes, the routine is what is keeping you on track.

Give yourself a bubble.

You need your own little bubble

Here’s something I use for my own practice.


  • Have my own space for practicing.
  • Set up regular times for practice.
  • Use a count down timer

This way I know that once I enter this room, at this time I must practice… until that countdown timer goes off 😛

Countdown Timer

How ever you do it, just make sure that you set aside some time every week or everyday to practice.



2. Exercise

The key to happiness is regular exercise… or at least that’s what Sabby says.

Nothing sharpens the mind and keeps you motivated quite like it.

Tyre Flips are awesome

We do a lot of Crossfit… sometimes 4 – 5 times a week, but we love it.

Maybe you would like to swim regularly, or play squash, tennis, basketball… or Rugby.

Or you could benefit from weights or just going for a run.

Exercise helps you more than you think

What ever you decide, know that it is gonna be a huge help when I comes to keeping you motivated.



3. Watch a lot of Flamenco

Sometimes we spend too much time practicing and not enough watching and enjoying.

Watch some flamenco... go, now

Every time I lock myself away in a room and practice for weeks, I lose track of Flamenco as a whole.

When you watch someone else play or the dancer moving it just brings it all back together again.

Watching Flamenco will make you more motivated

We think watching shows makes you more motivated for two reasons.

  • You really wish you were as good as those guys…
  • Plus the rhythm and soul of flamenco lights up again.

So if you’re feeling a little run down with it all make time to see a show, join a jam or at least YouTube some great ones…



4. Take time to reflect

You might not be where you want to be right now… I’m not either.

Time to Reflect

And probably neither was Paco de Lucia before he died, but

You’re probably a lot better then you were 6 months ago, or 5 years for that matter…

Everyone needs time to reflect and really appreciate how far they have come. I mean:

What’s the point of climbing the mountain if you never get to enjoy the view…?



5. Set goals… & crush them

Ok, now it’s time for action!!

Stay the Course

We all have different goals, hopes and dreams. Chances are that you’ve got something short term and something long term in mind.

So, set those goals.

Write down your goals, draw a picture or make a video, what ever you need to remind yourself.

One of the most important steps on the way to reaching your goals is knowing clearly what your goals are.

E=mc2 bro

Smart Goals are:

  • Specific – You can tell people exactly what you want.
  • Measurable – You know what the finished product will be.
  • Aimed – You have a plan on how to get there.
  • Realistic – You set your sights on something in your skill level or just outside.
  • Time framed – Give yourself the right amount of time to finish it.


If all else fails: Enter with boldness

Normally when you act with boldness you can overcome any problem you encounter with just further boldness.

(Unless it’s gambling… because the odds aren’t stacked in your favor bro…)


Food for thought


I’m sure that some of these steps probably relate to many things in life… not just flamenco,

But, if Army taught me anything it’s achieving impossible goals requires hard work & determination.

So set your sights high and get cracking.

Two buddies are better then none

Then tell us all about it, because there’s always people around the world suffering along side you 🙂 (You just haven’t met them yet…)


Did this work for you?

Or maybe you have a different approach to keeping on track… like watching Paco de Lucia’s doco’s over and over again…

Help out our other readers by sharing in the comments below.

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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