What was in this box…? 2

So today a package came that I forgot ordering….

It happens less regularly then you might think 😛

But it was filled with awesomeness!!

You’re gonna be asking me where I got it from 😉

What is in this Box

What was in this box…?

Ok, you might be thinking that I’m making this out to be cooler then it actually is…

But you be the judge.

First of all…

Have you heard of Strings By Mail?

Strings by mail

After some of my friends told me they order all their stuff online I had to do it too.

Generally it’s cheaper as long as you order in bulk (about 10 or so)

And so I have, since I’ve been in Spain.

My latest order:

So got 10 sets of strings…

And I was thinking I wonder what else they have, because it’s like Christmas when it comes to guitar accessories.

Then I found it!!


The Glass Nail File

glass nail file

Ok, so I know you thinking… I already have a good file.

Well if so; awesome, keep using that one.

But if your like me then:

You’ve got heaps of nail files that have either been half chewed by your dog or just totally worn down.



My Review

I think it’s pretty tough…

It feels more like you’re rubbing the nail off then filing it.

Which is weird…

But you it acts like a very fine file when used lightly and a rough one when used rough, which is also weird.

SBM Glass File

Best file I have ever owned… Never going back!!

Get one!!

I am not associated in any way with Strings By Mail

These are just my honest opinions and a service that I use.

In fact now I think of it… if you’re mates with these guys hook me up.


What do you use for your nails??

Share your search for the perfect tool…


About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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2 thoughts on “What was in this box…?

  • Fisch Post author

    Ok, so having owned this nail file for a few months now I still love it!!

    The only thing is I dropped it off the table once and broke the end 🙁

    Sure it’s glass so that’s to be expected. But our dog was also chewing it at one stage and it still works perfectly even after that. Unlike the form/sand paper ones… bindie just eats them up… Actually how does she seem to find them….!?!

  • Steve

    Like yourself, I have also used Strings by Mail and ordered in bulk. I also tried Stringsandbeyond.com and found myself a happier man after my experience with String by mail. Sometimes though, we musicians rely on BRANDS and can come unstuck. There are soem great names in ther guitar world (accessories) and we tend to think everything they produce must be good for the guitar. Crimsonguitars.com challenged this perception. They build and repair guitars and found that brand name Fretboard Cleaner and Restorative liquids were not as good as the label said. So they researched and designed their own which you can find in the “Maintainance” section of their site. They have loads of videos about guitar issues (mainly electric – but he is a trained luthier of classical instruments & the like) on Youtube. I find him a useful resource.