Cost of studying Flamenco in Seville 2

The bottom dollar…

When your planning your trip to Spain you know there’s more to pay for than just lessons.

I’m going to give you a run down of monthly expenses.

Cost of Flamenco in Spain

Cost of studying Flamenco in Seville.


Living costs are like many things, they vary from person to person.

But if you’re traveling to Seville for the purpose of studying flamenco the costs are roughly the same.

  • Food & Accommodation

  • Classes

  • Shows



The prices are going to vary sure but you can definitely rent alone or share.

Average Rental Costs: 500€

Electricity: 60€

Of course you could go as low as 400€ or as high as 650€ but this would give is a 2 bedroom in a decent area. Or a 1 bedroom in the center.

Share accomodation in Seville

Share accommodation: 250€ (including electricity & WiFi)



The price of beer and tapas are pretty cheap so if you like the Spanish style your in luck.

Tapas in Seville

Tapa: 2€

Beer: 1.20€

A spanish breakfast (bread with tomato puree & coffee): 2€

tostada & coffee

For health nuts (like me & Sabby) the quality of the food in bars might not meet your mark so you’ll want to buy your fruit & veg in Aldi or Lidl (as they have the best quality)


Our weekly food budget is:

Groceries: 60€

Eating out: 20€

Coffees & Breakfast: 10€



The cost of classes can vary a little bit depending on the school & the quality of the teachers.


Average: 80 – 150€/ month

Flamenco dance classes

80€ would give you a basic school 1 class, 5 days a week

150€ would give you 1 class everyday plus some extra technique in a nice school in Triana


Private Classes

Guitar: 25€/hr

Dance: 50€/hr

Private lessons

It might suck but dancers just need to pay more for teachers. Plus you will often have to hire a room on top of that.

Room in a dance school: 6€

Room in a private practice studio: 3€


If you are staying for a while maybe you can shop around to find the person or school you like. It doesn’t hurt to just approach artists after a show either 🙂



Here’s where you can really break the bank… or make some great savings…

In Seville it is hard to walk around and not find a show, but the prices change dramatically.

The most expensive being: 20€

Local Peña: 6€ (on a big night)

Flamenco show

My advice is ask around to find a Peña near you, they often have shows at much better hours and often entrance is free.

  • Avoid bars that offer flamenco. They can be really hit and miss with artists & they lovvvvvveeee to make you wait. Often shows start an hour after they were suppose to.
  • Also avoid the tourist shows. The ones where they stand out the front of a restaurant and lure tourists in. Normally they use the same artists as anywhere but make you pay through the roof.

Expensive shows in a really nice place are definitely worth it though!!


We are also working on a guide to Peñas, so subscribe to our mailing list if you want that sent to you 🙂



 Total Monthly Costs

Sabrina & I are a couple so our prices are a little different to a single.

Couple Total: 1210€


Accommodation: 500€

Electrity & Phone: 100€

Food: 360€

Classes: 250€ (Fisch 100€ Sabby 150€)

Shows: 0€  (We’re lucky, get invited now days or we only go to free Peñas)


Single person Total: 574€

Single person

Accommodation: 250€

Food: 180€

Classes: 120€

Shows: 24€ (1 free & 1 cheapy)


Maybe add an extra 100 a month if you’re a party animal… 😛



Plan to come to 3 months at least

Please do yourself a favour and if it’s your first time you need at least 3 months. You’ll have to find the right school, nice accommodation & enjoy yourself.

Make a plan and have a good time

Being in a rush all the time sucks!!

So do your planning before hand.



Got some advice??

If you have any tips to share post them in the comments below.

Share your Story

Or any questions??

Post questions below in comments as well please. Maybe we can help find you a solution…

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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2 thoughts on “Cost of studying Flamenco in Seville

  • Al Seconi

    Excellent site Fisch, lots of great information thank you. I am hoping to spend time over in Spain to study Flamenco guitar but I would only have about 3 months unfortunately. I have been fiddling around with flamenco guitar for about 10 years but still an armature. But hoping my technique and with a little help my compas will be in advanced stage.

    I would love to buy the best hand made flamenco guitar from the Luthuian I can buy for the money I have, About $3000 Euros will be about what I could afford. Any idea what I might get for that.

    Also could you recommend study material that may help me be on the same page as what a Spanish teacher would expect me to be at.

    I’m based in Auckland New Zealand, what part of Auss are you from.
    Cheers Al

    • Fisch Post author

      G’day Al,

      I’m glad you enjoy the site. $3000euro should be enough to buy you a top of the line. Make sure you shop around a lot!! You deserve to be 100% happy with your new guitar.

      As for study material, I think don’t bother too much with anything complex. Just work on getting your technique really solid and understanding the rhythms of each palo. If our teaching youtube channel was a bit fuller I would send you there but that won’t be for another 6months or so. So pick a book or 2 and study them, and really focus on making each technique smooth and flowing. If your technique is solid, once you’re there you can spend the whole time absorbing and not relearning techniques.

      Hope that helps, and feel free to send me a personal email

      Oh and btw, I’m from Bundaberg in QLD 🙂