Flamenco Mixed With Krump 1

Ok so I’m not saying it’s good. But it’s certainly… interesting.

All you dancers out there will probably enjoy it a little more then me 🙂


Fusing Flamenco and Krump


So Krump is a type of hip hop dancing, which I remember most from:

The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

Check it out if your a little unsure…


New York

The city that never sleeps has something that might keep you up all over again.

Read the full article here.


So what do you think of this…?

Personally it’s not my cup of tea, but I want to know what you think!!

Share your thoughts below 🙂

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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One thought on “Flamenco Mixed With Krump

  • Dee

    Wow, thx 4 sharing. I would love to see that show. I saw the film ‘Rise’ about LA crumper gangs having dance offs instead of fights and in that film while they were painting up ready for their show, it flicked back to archival footage of African people painting up for ceremony. It was amazing to see the likeness. In Antigone,it reminds me of common roots for Romanis and Afros through experiences of marginalisation with dance as an expression of that. I really think the crumper and flamenco dancer work amazingly well togther.