Our YouTube Channel has Begun…

Well it’s been a long time coming but I think it’s finally time to share of the amazing things we have learned.

We’re no experts, and that’s why we have gathered a collection of some the best artists in Sevilla.

They’re going to give us a hand later on… 🙂

Flamenco Gypsy YouTube Channel

Flamenco Gypsy YouTube Channel

If you thought we were keeping Flamenco all to our selves, you’d be wrong!!

We want you to have the chance to experience some of the awesome things we have learned here.

So, YouTube here we come.

Sabby YouTube Dance Videos

We are going to be putting up explanations for Guitar Stuff, Dance steps and Techniques…

Plus we’re going to get some help and explain the sing components too!!

Big Project, but the rest of the world deserves to enjoy the level of Flamenco that Spain has, even if you can’t travel here.

You can ask us questions too!!

Ask us a question

Do you have a question about flamenco?

Ask us here and we will make a video or answer it in a blog post.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

So buckle up your seat belts and subscribe to our YouTube channel because big things are happening!!

Check out our YouTube Channel so far

Let us know what you would like to see.

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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