Street Performing In Sevilla

For one of the birth places of Flamenco, you would think you would see more flamenco on the streets.

There are a few performers though and they have discovered a special little secret.


Dancing on the streets of Seville

Many of our friends now perform on the streets,

But to be honest its only really 3 or 4 groups.

Personally I thought this was amazing since there are so many flamencos living in Sevilla.

But Daniel Azcarate let me in on a little secret…

There are no native Spanish playing on the streets…. only foreigners.


What could be better than paid practice…?

How about a paid show, where everyone applauds & line up to drop money in your hat and buy CDs…?

This is the life of those who perform there.

Our friends Anoush, Daniel & Yumi have been playing on the street most mornings and a few evenings on the weekend.

Yume, Daniel & Anoush performing in Sevilla

“We make around 30 – 50 Euros each, not bad for 2 hours work” Daniel told us.

The best place to see a Flamenco Street Show

Around the Catedral de Sevilla

February to June & September to November

Mornings most days & evenings on the weekend


Why people don’t want to perform on the street.

There seems to be a very negative vibe when you talk to people about street performing. Most people don’t agree with making money this way.

After a little investigation we’ve boiled it down to 2 reasons:

Saving Face

If there’s one thing I suck at it’s saving face… I wear thongs in the middle of winter, even though everyone says I look ridiculous. But many of our artist friends are scared about what playing on the street might do to their image.

We talked to one guy recently who complained of the difficulty of making a living as a guitarist and when we suggested he could busk he said “No I can’t. I take lessons from Nino de Pura… what if he saw me?”



Many the artists here have performed in large shows and worked with some amazing artists, but they are still struggling to make decent money. Where in many of our home countries busking is a great way to meet people, network and also make money… (sometimes $200Aud per hour) Spain almost looks down on the street performer.

The same can not be said of the tourists, as they all clapped and cheered our friends along. They were more than happy to offer their spare change for a chance to see real flamenco… for free.

People watching a Flamenco Street Show

Have you ever done any street performing in Sevilla?

Maybe you’ve seen some of our friends performing…

Share your experiences below…

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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