Flamenco Cante Explained: Our Latest Project

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have thought we’re particularly quite at the moment….

Well it’s because Sabby’s pregnant & I’m working on the final stages of filming for our next online course.

Flamenco Cante Explained

Flamenco Cante Explained


If you’re like me, Cante is such a challange!!

I’ve been learning flamenco guitar for over 2 years & I still get bogged down in the mystery….

What if I told you there is a simple trick that everyone uses and you could use it too?

The Secrete to Flamenco Cante

The Secrete to Flamenco Cante

Did you know that most palos only have a few different melodies??

There are 1001 different letras, but, the base melodies remain the same.


So the secrete is learning these melodies & memorising them.


Flamenco Cante Explained

We are developing 2 online courses to teach both singing & accompaniment.

There will even be downloadable EBooks & song books to help you follow along…

Flamenco Singing

Flamenco Singing

Cante Accomaniment on the Guitar

Cante Accompaniment on the Guitar

We’re going to be breaking everything down in to 21 different styles so look out…

21 different styles to study


The Artists

We are working with 2 great Spanish artists living in Sevilla.

Laura & Gori

Laura Castro & Gori Mazo

 Both are great local performers

These guys are the real deal. Both have studied in the Cristina Heeren Foundation & have performed for many years, plus it helps that they are widely respected in Sevilla as ‘up and comers.”


We need your support!!

Laura & Gori have been donating their time during the filming process in the hope that we can find them support amongst the international flamenco community.

Help us by pledging your support through KickStarter & Sharing the project

Our project goes live 15th April, so if you haven’t already please subscribe to our mailing list to get all the updates 🙂

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See you again this Friday (15th April)

About Fisch

Fisch is a Flamenco Guitarist from Australia. Currently he studies flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain. He spends most of his time expanding his knowledge of this wonderful music.

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