This is like the worst thing ever!! And it happens more often then your could want. Broken Nails. There is hope!! Read on...   How To Keep Your Nails Strong

8 Tips for Stronger Guitar Nails

Summer dance courses straight off the Metro... Flamenco Ados lies in Plaza Cuba and offers a range of classes. Flamenco Ados Summer Schedule

Flamenco Ados Summer Dance Courses

Summer Workshops
Want to know what summer courses are available? We are going to run through a few options below. Summer Flamenco Courses & Workshops

5 Flamenco Summer Courses

This year Carmen de las Cuevas will be hosting the 5th festival of the Caves.   Flamenco in the Caves of Sacromonte

Flamenco Festival in Granada

Love the Alhambra? Why not try some of the summer workshops offered in Sacromonte.   Carmen de las Cuevas Summer Workshops

Summer Courses in Granada

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I bet there's something interesting you could share!! Weather it's your experience with flamenco, some tips, or just a local artist you love. There isn't enough knowledge of flamenco out there yet.   Help us spread flamenco all over the world!!

Do you have something to Share??

Does your guitar define your playing...? Do you secretly wish you had a guitar from a top maker? Maybe your next guitar will come from one of the following guys...

5 of the Best Guitar Makers in Spain

Think of flamenco shoes like the guitar for the guitarist. Finding flamenco shoes that fit you perfectly seems to be like a never ending quest to find the holy grail. But its not impossible!!! I going to give you some helpful tips that will help you find your perfect fit.

How to find the Perfect Flamenco Shoe

Changing Strings 1
Does my guitar even have sound any more... I mean it was only like 2 weeks since my last string change.   I Change My Strings A Lot, Do You?

How often do you change strings?

Pedro playing a beautiful Rondeña This comes with a hashtag of "Don't try this at home" Unless your prepared for the seriously torturous hours of practice.  

Pedro Sierra ~ Rondeña

Don't you wish there was an easy way to learn the Flamenco Guitar? It's tough, full stop. But as you will soon see there is a way to break it all down into bite size pieces. Guitarra Flamenca, Que Cosas?

What things do I need to learn to play Flamenco ...

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So we have been in Spain now for a bit over a year, as full time Flamencos... Live is crazy We have changed schools a few times played/danced in a few shows and had an all round blast. But

Spain for like a Year or So…

Expect big things... Actually nar, just gonna streamline everything and make it relivent to 'Flamenco' oot oot...   I wonna be fresh like this guy, and fruit... or something  

Major Overhaul